Wellness Assessment of a “Mental Toughness” Program


Ever got word of the 75 Hard Challenge? It was manufactured by Andy Frisella, a motivational speaker, podcaster, author, and supplement company owner. A book, website, and app support and promote this course. It’s supposed to be a transformative mental toughness program. You can read information here. What follows is really a short summary about and speculations for the pros and cons of this program.


The program is made of five pillars.

Hydration--drink one gallon of water daily.
Nutrition--choose any diet and abide by it faithfully. No exceptions. No alcohol, either.
Exercise--workout for 45 minutes twice per day, for any total of 90 minutes. One workout need to be outdoors.
Mental improvement. Read 10 pages from a book which you consider entrepreneurial or self-help, daily. (Hopefully, Not Dead Yet might be a popular selection for those utilizing the challenge!)
You have to take a progress picture on a daily basis.

Frisella calls this system a hard challenge, but he insists it’s primarily that will test and promote mental toughness. He wants followers from the plan to gain confidence they will stick to a painful routine, freed from excuses or modifications. The challenge is manufactured especially daunting by his rule that in case you slack off on any day on the way, you should start over on the first day.

Frisella helps make the bold are convinced that 75 HARD could be the only program that may permanently make positive changes to lifeā€¦ through your way of thinking, to the level of discipline during which you undertake almost every task in everyday life. He is really a lot of other claims. Most attention-getting could be that the feedback he’s received suggests that Challenge-taker lives have changed often, for instance:

They've become better leaders at the job.
They've become better mothers & fathers.
They've increased their income.
They're more confident by themselves.
They've made massive physical transformations as a result from the mental transformation.
They've taken complete charge of their lives plus the changes they've made are permanent.

He also claims which more than 100,000 people world wide have not just taken the Challenge but have completely finished it. Impressive, if true.

The Challenge website is rich in pep talk hype, wild promises, methods for success, testimonials plus more. His website boasts a blend of superlatives, promises and guarantees that think about Benny Hinn and Tony Robbins.

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